october, 2019

tue22oct7:00 pmEdmonton Launchwith Jaclyn Dawn, Meaghan Marie Hackinen, & Randy Nikkel Schroeder 7:00 pm The Almanac on Whyte, 10351 82 Ave NW

Event Details

Join Jaclyn Dawn, Meaghan Marie Hackinen, and Randy Nikkel Schroeder at this very special NeWest Press Triple Header hosted by Claire Kelly at The Almanac on Whyte on October 22nd at 7:00pm. They will be celebrating the release of their books in the NeWest Press Fall 2019 season: The Inquirer, South Away: The Pacific Coast on Two Wheels, and Arctic Smoke, respectively.

Order Fall 2019 releases now: https://newestpress.com/category/new-releases.

About The Inquirer:
When an accident jeopardizing the family farm draws Amiah Williams back to Kingsley, Alberta, population 1431, she doesn’t expect her homecoming to make front-page news. But there she is in The Inquirer, the mysterious tabloid that is airing her hometown’s dirty laundry. Alongside stories of high school rivalries and truck-bed love affairs, disturbing revelations about Amiah’s past and present are selling papers and fuelling small-town gossip. As the stakes get higher, Amiah must either expose the twisted truth behind The Inquirer or watch her life fall apart again.

Order The Inquirer now: https://newestpress.com/books/inquirer-the.

About Jaclyn Dawn:
Jaclyn Dawn grew up in a tabloid-free small town in Alberta. With a communications degree and creative writing Masters, she works as a freelance writer and instructor. She now lives somewhere between city and country outside St. Albert with her husband and son.

About South Away:

South Away follows Meaghan Marie Hackinen and her sister in the adventure of a lifetime: bicycling from Terrace, BC down the West Coast to (almost) the tip of the Baja Peninsula. Along the way Hackinen battles with the elements in Vancouver Island’s dense northern forests and frigid Mexican deserts; encounters strange men, suicidal highways and monster trucks; and makes some emergency repairs as tires and spokes succumb to the ravages of the journey. Luckily, the pair meet some good people along the way and glean some insight about the kindness of strangers.

A rare road-trip story with two female leads, this travel memoir also chronicles an inner journey, as the author begins to better understand her relationship with her adventurous (and not-so-adventurous) family. South Away tells an engaging and personable tale, with imaginative and memorable depictions of land and sea along the ever-winding coast.

Order South Away now: http://www.newestpress.com/books/south-away-the-pacific-coast-on-two-wheels.

About Meaghan Marie Hackinen:
Meaghan Marie Hackinen is a writer and cyclist from Vancouver, BC. Her two-wheeled adventures have taken her from Haida Gwaii to Mexico’s high plateaus, across Canada and the United States, and, most recently, from North Cape to Tarifa along some of Europe’s highest paved roads. Her writing explores relationships, experiences on the road, and encounters with wild places. Her creative non-fiction, poetry, and prose can be found in literary journals and cycling magazines. She has an MFA in Writing from the University of Saskatchewan and currently resides in Kelowna, BC.

About Arctic Smoke:
On the eve of his thirtieth birthday, ageing punk Lor Kowalski is unsure of his sanity. He is haunted by hallucinogens and harbingers, strung out on broken stories that he cannot piece together into a lucid whole. Forced to join his old band from a life he’d rather forget, he is dragged north under the spell of a mysterious ad for an Arctic festival tour. As the band members unspool across the surreal snowscapes and frozen wastelands, rogue CSIS agents are hot on their increasingly iced-over heels. But what are ageing punks to rogue agents? Subversive and irredeemable, spectres from a past that must be erased with extreme prejudice. Randy Nikkel Schroeder combines coked-up magic realism with wound-up cyberpunk style.

Order Arctic Smoke now: https://newestpress.com/books/arctic-smoke.

About Randy Nikkel Schroeder:
Randy Nikkel Schroeder grew up Mennonite in Alberta’s deep south. As a young man he fled for the High Arctic and, psychologically, never came back. He currently lives with his family in Calgary, where he snowshoes in the woods, watches birds, and plays guitar and mandolin for his band, Uncle Zugg. In his spare time, he is Professor of English, Cultures, and Languages at Mount Royal University. To learn more about his work, visit www.randynikkelschroeder.com.

About The Almanac: The Almanac is a locally owned bistro and cocktail. With so many local vendors and markets available to us, we are happy to utilize their products as much as we can to give you the freshest product possible. Our bar offers a variety of wine, craft beers and cocktails, sure to please every palate. Like our food, we like to showcase quality ingredients and deliver a well executed drink. We believe that quality food, a great drink and some good music are key to a pleasant outing.


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