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Writing in 2020

The year 2020 started out not too shabby as far as writing goes. Sure, I was experiencing some turbulence post-launch getting used to my hobby being public. (Is anyone else intimidated by Goodreads?) But I admit I tend to be hard on myself. The Inquirer was already in its second print; I had twelve more […]

COVID-19 Raincheck

COVID-19 has pressed pause on – well – almost everything. While we wait, I am humbled by all those doing their part in our time of need, from our emergency and essential services to the creative people brightening the darkness of isolation. Sometimes I feel useless because I want to contribute. Then I remember the […]


My Other Writing

“Jax, guess what I found,” Lacey said over the phone. Anyone who knew me from or through someone from my high school volleyball days called me ‘Jax,’ but we’ll be getting back to names later. Lacey’s mom, as moms do when they realize their adult children have their own closets and attics, had dropped off […]

The Inquirer: Book Club Questions

Where are my book clubbers? Like with all clubs, the book variety ranges. There’s the deep, literary kind reminiscent of my MA program where we read, analyzed, mirrored, and discussed one book per week for two semesters. There’s the cozy, library kind. I belonged to two before I moved, each with the same concept and […]


The Radio Adventure (Seth’s Post)

Last month after I posted my first blog, Mom told me that Dymphny Dronyk from Writer’s Block at CJSW liked my blog and said I could go check out the station when Mom did her interview. So a few days later, we drove all the way to Calgary. It was a long cold walk to […]


The Inquirer: Release Day Celebration

Traditionally publishing a book was a childhood dream. Like with most things imagined at six years old, publishing has been slightly more complicated than anticipated. Two things, however, were exactly how I imagined: Seeing my book on the shelf at Chapters for the first time. The release day celebration. On October 1st, The Inquirer officially […]

It’s Launch Time! (Seth’s Post)

Mom and I always go to libraries, bookstores, book fairs, and launches together. Now Mom’s book is coming out! We went to some other launches to get ideas. We saw Hunter the Edmonton Oilers mascot at the book launch for Grit and Glory by Lorna Shultz-Nicholson. I had a dance-off with him. Mom’s book doesn’t […]

The Inquirer: The Origin Story

The idea for The Inquirer came to me in line at the grocery store. My eyes are always drawn to the headlines of the tabloids. Celebrities, politicians, business gurus, and anyone tangled amidst are at their mercy. The scandalous leads make me feel a bit anxious, and the positive ones are fewer and in smaller […]