COVID-19 Raincheck

COVID-19 has pressed pause on – well – almost everything. While we wait, I am humbled by all those doing their part in our time of need, from our emergency and essential services to the creative people brightening the darkness of isolation.

Sometimes I feel useless because I want to contribute. Then I remember the little things that have made a personal difference in my life. My dad FaceTiming to play an online game with my son when I have a virtual work meeting on the opposite side of the living room. A friend, who I had met through volunteering at my son’s school, dropping off a bag of activities on the front porch because she knew we hadn’t been able to leave the house for six weeks aside from a visit to the ER. The stranger who posted a picture of the book that made them smile, my book The Inquirer.

These are just a few of the reminders that we are still part of the world out there, even though we are stuck in here. What you may view as something small may be someone else’s something big. So I’ve been paying it forward with things like dropping off canned soup at the church for the food bank, sending homemade cards to my nephews, and making orders from local bookstores. The big things are amazing and needed. The little things add up, too.

In the spirit of this, I want to acknowledge my cancelled events, those advertised and those in the works. I appreciate everyone’s support. While releasing The Inquirer – and in a sense myself –put me out of my comfort zone, I truly enjoy meeting fellow readers and writers. I look forward to rescheduling the school presentations, book club visits, and events at libraries and bookstores once it is safe for everyone to do so.

See you on the other side of this thing!

Want to Talk about The Inquirer during COVID-19?

In the meantime, I am happy discuss The Inquirer – or reading and writing in general – by meeting with your book club virtually, answering emails, or chatting via Facebook or Twitter.

How else to stay connected with the literary world during COVID-19?

Check out some virtual events, readings, and book clubs. Reach out to favourite authors or fellow readers. You can find information via the social media and websites of libraries, bookstores, publishing houses, and authors.

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