Where are my book clubbers? Like with all clubs, the book variety ranges. There’s the deep, literary kind reminiscent of my MA program where we read, analyzed, mirrored, and discussed one book per week for two semesters. There’s the cozy, library kind. I belonged to two before I moved, each with the same concept and yet so different. Then there’s the kind that uses the book for an excuse to get together with some former high school classmates and have some drinks. I’ve enjoyed all these kinds as a reader and writer.

If your book club would like to try The Inquirer, I’ve put together some conversation starters for you. Don’t worry, I was inspired by my book clubber side, not my instructor side. Feel free to use whichever suits your group.

And, if you’re the latter type of book clubber, cheers! I’m glad my book is an excuse to get together and enjoy a laugh with friends.

Book Club Questions

  1. If you were pitching this novel as a book seller or recommending it to a friend, which category in the bookstore or genre would you classify it as?
  2. How does Miah grow and change in this novel? Does Mike? Miah’s parents, Danika, and Alek?
  3. How do you think the plot would have played out if the source of The Inquirer was not discovered when and how it was?
  4. Which character can you best relate to? Can you best see yourself as a writer, reader, or topic of The Inquirer?
  5. What types of headlines would make up the tabloid of your life?
  6. Do you think people would think twice about what they write or read on social media if it was in print form like The Inquirer?
  7. Do you think a newspaper like The Inquirer would have been received differently in a larger community?
  8. Will you look at the tabloids and gossip magazines when you’re in the grocery store line any differently after reading this novel?

Note: One of the book clubs I belonged to also arranged for an author visit or some sort of correspondence once or twice per year. I loved it as a reader. Recently, I was asked if I would consider doing the same as an author. Sure!

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