Last month after I posted my first blog, Mom told me that Dymphny Dronyk from Writer’s Block at CJSW liked my blog and said I could go check out the station when Mom did her interview. So a few days later, we drove all the way to Calgary. It was a long cold walk to find the radio station in the huge University of Calgary.

I met Dymphny and Cody (mom and son), and Cody gave me a tour. It was pretty cool. I saw:

  • A room with more than a trillion CDs!
  • Trumpets, flutes, drums, and mics for recording sound effects on the radio.
  • Lots of different soundboards. They are big pads with lots of different buttons.

Then we went to the interview room and they recorded Mom. Dymphny did the interview part while Cody did all the editing. While they recorded, I got to wear cool headphones and listen to what they were saying. You have to be at least a fist away from the mic so the Ps and Ss don’t sound too loud. We had to stay super still so we wouldn’t make weird noises during the interview.

Dymphny told me that most of the people that were at the radio station were volunteers, and there is only actually three people that work there.

It was a lot of fun. Thanks for hosting my mom and thanks for letting me have a cool experience at the radio station!

The interview airs on Wednesday, November 13th at 8:00pm. Or you can listen to it on SoundCloud.


Seth is Jaclyn’s son / elementary-aged agent & publicist. With a variety of hobbies and quick wit, he offered to help out with the blogging. Mom may give some gentle reminders to use capitals and punctuation, but posts are Seth’s own.

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