It’s Launch Time! (Seth’s Post)

Mom and I always go to libraries, bookstores, book fairs, and launches together. Now Mom’s book is coming out!

We went to some other launches to get ideas. We saw Hunter the Edmonton Oilers mascot at the book launch for Grit and Glory by Lorna Shultz-Nicholson. I had a dance-off with him. Mom’s book doesn’t have a mascot, but they had some prizes there and that is a good idea for her launches.

We went to the launch for A Grain of Rice by Dr. Tran-Davies. The cool thing about that one was that even her kids made a speech and drew pictures. That gave me ideas of how to help.

There are going to be three amazing launches for The Inquirer.

  1. St. Albert, AB   Cajun House at 7:00pm

    It’s going to be in a private room with a big draw and I’m going to be selling the books.

  1. Calgary, AB   Shelf Life Books at 7:00pm

    In the bookstore there’s going to be two other authors, Wendy McGrath and Randy Nikkel Schroeder, and all three of them will be doing speeches. That day Mom will be doing a radio interview too. She’s super nervous and it’s funny, but I tell her it’ll be okay.

  2. Edmonton, AB   The Almanac at 7:00pm

    It’s a fancy restaurant on Whyte Ave with two other authors, Randy Nikkel Schroeder again and Meaghan Marie Hackinen. Claire Kelly works at NeWest (the publishing house) and she will be hosting. She is the one who gave me lots of The Inquirer bookmarks to hand out.

I hope to see you at the launches and I hope you enjoy the book!



Seth is Jaclyn’s son / elementary-aged agent & publicist. With a variety of hobbies and quick wit, he offered to help out with the blogging. Mom may give some gentle reminders to use capitals and punctuation, but posts are Seth’s own.

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